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Young Living GLF Essential Oil Blend - 15ml


GLF™ is a blend of essential oils that includes Grapefruit, Ledum, Helichrysum, Celery Seed, Hyssop, and Spearmint. It is a powerful, unique blend of oils with antioxidant and cleansing properties that complement a healthy weight-management program when applied topically. This blend is highly supportive of the immune and digestive systems when taken internally.*


Topical: Dilute 1 drop with 1 drop of V-6™ or olive oil. Apply to the desired area as needed.


  • Has a citrusy, crisp, minty aroma

  • Formulated with powerful, unique, popular essential oils to complement a healthy weight-management program*

  • Enhances food and water with a crisp, minty flavor

  • Has antioxidant properties*

  • Cleanses the digestive system*

  • Provides immune system support*


  • Apply 1−3 drops on the bottoms of your feet a few times a day.

  • Diffuse 8−20 drops in your kitchen for a crisp, minty aroma.

  • Apply 1−3 drops around your midsection to feel its minty coolness and clean aroma.

  • Add a drop of GLF Vitality to your tea to help support normal digestion.*

  • Add a few drops of GLF Vitality to a vegetable capsule and take it as a dietary supplement to provide immune support.*

  • Add a drop of GLF Vitality to a glass of fruit-infused water to add variety.

  • Add GLF Vitality to your favorite green smoothie or juice in the morning to enjoy its intestinal-cleansing benefits.*


Limonene, Iso pinocamphone, Alpha pinene, Beta selinene 


Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. Keep away from eyes and mucous membranes. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult a health professional prior to use. Avoid direct sunlight or UV rays for up to 12 hours after applying the product.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Young Living products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.