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Young Living Diffuser Charging Pad

Options: 1 Charger


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Diffuse whenever and wherever you want with this battery-powered diffuser charging pad.


Enjoy your favorite scents without any fuss with our new Diffuser Charging Pad. No need for tangled cords—simply power up and diffuse anywhere you please. Whether you're relaxing at home or on the move, this charger pad makes scenting your space simple.


    Fully charge the battery before use. Plug your diffuser into the charging pad and enjoy up to five hours of continuous diffusion.


    • Provides up to five hours of continuous diffusion

    • Compatible with the Desert Mist™ Diffuser, Dewdrop™ Diffuser, Mini Aria™ Diffuser, Aria™ Diffuser, Cultivate Two Diffuser, Macaron Diffuser, and FreshStart™ Diffuser

    • Fully charges in four hours


    For safety and care information, refer to the Diffuser Charging Pad manual.


    • Diffuser Charging Pad

    • USB charger cable

    • User manual