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Young Living HydroGize Water Bottle

Hydration is a cornerstone of any healthy diet, and it’s critical to healthy bones, teeth, and organs. Optimize your daily eight glasses with the HydroGize™, Young Living's hydrogen water bo...

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Since HydroGize utilizes an electrolysis method, it ensures optimum hydrogen output in every bottle. This 15-ounce bottle is an easy way to enhance your H₂O on the go. This portable hydrogen generator is equipped with multiple timer settings for custom generating, so it’s easier than ever to get hydrogen-rich water wherever you are. You never have to worry about the battery, thanks to its 180 minutes of run time on a single charge via USB recharging. Plus, this hydrogen water bottle features a lavender LED light, so it’s easy to make this statement accessory a signature part of your personal style. Hydrogen water is a popular beverage in Japan, where it is used to support proper hydration and access all the benefits that come from drinking water. The HydroGize was created to offer a mobile solution to accompany active and on-the-go lifestyles. With a completely portable system, thanks to its USB charger, the HydroGize is a perfect combination of design and functionality.


    • Hydrogen changes water's pH levels, making it more alkaline.

    • In cold water, the HydroGize generates up to 500 parts per billion (ppb) hydrogen after one minute and up to 900 ppb after three minutes.

    • In warm or hot water, the HydroGize generates up to 500 ppb after three minutes.


    • Plug the HydroGize into a power source using the USB connector and fully charge the battery.

    • Unplug the unit and add drinking water to the bottle, then set the hydrogen generator to the desired timer setting.

    • Do not shake while the generator runs. Instead, let it sit during hydrogen generation.

    • Be sure to drink shortly after the hydrogenation cycle has finished.

    • When using Vitality™ essential oils with the HydroGize, be sure to thoroughly clean the device immediately following use to properly maintain the unit.* *Adding oils may decrease hydrogen production. For ease of maintenance, move oil-enriched hydrogen water to a separate container if not consumed immediately.

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Young Living products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.